Growth hacking is a concept that cannot be easily and clearly defined. Experts are still trying to pull the best out of this concept of growth hacking. Any brand or company looking for branding and promotion can use the tactics of one of the best tools i.e. Video. Various studies and statistics show that the website visitors stay for a longer period if they are managed on the landing page with video content. Research also claims that there are approximately 60% chances that they are likely to make action as well if convinced with the video. It is thus important to summarize important points in your corporate animation video.


Growth hackers are not the only ones to manage the brand; even if you are not an expert but still looking forward to enhance your online strategy and presence, you can immerse in growth hacking. If Growth hacking is your destination, creating various videos should be a part of your journey.


For any Organization, there are various ways to put the content in a Video, these are:


Branding Videos:

Businesses can easily convert their USP and Client Testimonials to create such branding videos. Most difficult terms can be translated into the easiest way of communication by videos to help the prospects understand everything in a better possible way. Make sure to be authentic and honest while creating your video.


Culture Video:
    Businesses are using videos as a medium to communicate their organizational culture to the people at large. This can help people in a better way to understand about the business and get the personalized feeling. It can be helpful in encouraging corporate loyalty.


Social Video:

Videos created with some social cause have picked up well in the past. Social Videos showing some donations, grants, engagement with the poor or backward people have helped gaining more engagement for brands or businesses. It is better to get engaged with a Video specialized agency which can help you in creating the best social videos that can go viral.


Process Video:
    You can create videos defining your processes and to ease your process too, for e.g. a Video can be used for induction of a new joinee. All possible information can be provided in the video that can help the viewer in knowing the organization and its policies without going through multiple pages of a document.


According to marketing experts around the world, Videos are the most widely used form of content today which helps in improvising the conversion rates. Hence it is important to understand the fact that creating a Video is no more a luxury today, rather a necessity. You should include video content as far as possible in your growth hacking strategy.


How to make best use of Video content in your Marketing and Growth hacking Strategy:


Embed Videos on your page


Video is a popular medium to promote your business. Your landing page can include a business explainer video or services/products overview videos to improvise your click through rate for campaigns. Embedding a video in your campaign landing page helps in increasing Trust factor, Emotions, Authenticity, visual impact, etc. It is also said that people remember better if it is seen by them rather just heard or read. So if you wish that your audience remembers you for long, keep the Video integrated with your campaign landing page.


Integrate video in marketing emails 


Another important aspect of using videos for your business promotion is to include videos in your sales and marketing emails. It has always been a debatable point to discuss about ROI of email marketing or any other marketing channel. There are many benefits of using a video in the email body. It is said that if you use term video in the mailer subject line, it increases open rate of the email. A mailer with video thumbnail increases click through rates and reduces ‘unsubscribes’ leading to better chances of conversion and business from the prospects.


How to use embedded Videos in emails?


It is a very well known fact that many email clients will not support embedded videos to be played in their email platform. It is on you that how creatively you are using these platforms to publish your video content. You can try a different method by creating attractive thumbnail image of your video or embed thumbnail image as a link to the landing page having a video. The result can be very impressive if you integrate a Video in your email campaign.


Can Youtube Video help in promotion?


One cannot miss importance of Youtube while discussing about Video marketing and promotion. Many businesses today are using videos to drive massive increase in traffic. You can help the viewers coming to landing page routing them with help of link on the video. Youtube will only charge you if the viewer watches the video for more than 30 seconds or more. You can also customize your target audience by selecting various parameters like keywords, location, demographic, interest, etc. You tube has comparatively low cost per view and help in integrating clickable Call to action to either generate traffic or lead.


One can follow many such ways to growth hack your business. A Video is relatively low risk and low cost mechanism of driving more business to your brand. It is just that you create video and promote it as much as possible.


That’s all about knowing the growth hacking with the help of videos. It can be simple and creative but it can exponentially increase your ROI. If you want to work out the best strategy to promote your business, let our experts guide you in the best possible manner. Let us get connected.