Brand strategy is not something new. Major brands have always been different for their branding and marketing campaigns. They have been unique, creative, out of the box, while creating any sort of campaign to target their audience. Most of the brands have been using Visuals on Televisions since ages to create the required brand impact among the people. Televisions used to be the prime source of entertainment for people a decade or two back. Now the situation is different and the audience is available throughout the day no matter where they are through social media.


With the evolution of the internet and widespread of the internet over the past couple of decades in India, penetration of social media has increased and the access to such platforms has increased as well.  Even if the term VIDEO remains the same for the target audience, there is still a huge difference between the way videos were created for Television and the way videos are created for social media or online platforms.


Videos can be in numerous forms and patterns and there are different ways to connect with the audience through any type of video by a brand. Now-a- days rather than using live action videos, people prefer doing animation video.


Companies are preferring animation video to tell the story to the world about their brands. Animated Videos have been very effective in past few years for the brands to convey their message. Businesses have used animated videos to communicate to their end customers, partners, external stakeholders, etc. Animated videos are usually more affordable than the live action videos. While shooting, the live action video agency comes across various challenges like finding the right models,identifying the locations, handling the climatic situations, and other various aspects. Animation videos are done in closed room with the help of the animator.


An Animation Video if done properly can create a great impact on the audience.  Animation Videos have become the most engaging and preferred format of branding and marketing tool for all sorts of online business in the industry today.


A few Reasons for which every business needs animation video:


– Businesses can increase the conversion ratio with the help of video marketing.


– Search engines prefer videos, so these can surely help in the ranking of your website. For any sort of keyword, if your web page has video integrated to the same, search engines prefer your URL more than those of the competitors.


– Easy and simple nature of video helps the audience to understand the product and service well. Training Videos or DIY videos can help in reducing the support cost for various companies since the videos are self-explanatory in most of the cases.


Brands prefer Animation Videos because:


Brands have experienced tremendous benefits post using the animation videos.Obviously that is the reasons for the popularity of the videos. There are several benefits to the brands that keep them driving to create animation videos are:


Easy to Understand

Videos are usually straight to the point which provides ease to the viewer to understand the subject and thus the message is loud and clear as well. Animation Videos are well suited for all types of audiences to easily understand. Animation videos can also have nice graphics and charts so that the user can easily gauge the topic.


Appeal to the audience

In the internet world, audience for the video is widely open. There is no restriction on the number of viewers, location, sex, age, etc. for such brand videos. You may surely like the entire world to see your animated video. Animation videos use movement, text and colors, which attract the audience and hold them to the video till the end.


Used as a marketing tool

Companies have started sending emailers with the embedded video links for their lead generation campaigns. It has been evident that nowadays emailers with the video link are working far better than the textual or image oriented emailers. This is because the audience due to the curiosity would like to see the short video rather reading the paragraphs to understand the business or product of any brand.

Animation is helpful in making any boring thing interesting.


Used for branding

With the help of an animation video you can easily create the brand impact of the audience. An Animation video can well integrate the logo, images, and follow the brand guidelines to create an awesome video to target your audience. You can easily keep the same brand guidelines of the video for many other videos to come so that the audience can easily relate by just seeing the brand guidelines. Brands are using the platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and Instagram to promote their video and increase their engagement with the audiences. Videos for branding can also provide unique user experience to the audiences.


Retain Professional Image

Many companies and brands think that using animation video instead of live shoot video can harm their brand reputation or not help them retain their professional image. The whole internet world is full of the videos that may be of different styles, patterns, quality, etc. Brands have started traditional live video shoots with the motion graphics video to promote the business on the website and social media handles. The presentation can be anything for such videos but the ultimate goal is to retain the professional image of the brand.



Working with almost 5000 around companies for their videos in past several years,CorpTeaser experienced that brands prefer various formats of the video and like to try something new in the formats. This is because brands wish to give new and unique impression to their visitors. Brands have recognized that animation videos have been an exciting way of presenting the business, product, service, or any other thing to the internal and external stakeholders.


An Animation Video is definitely a must do in today’s era. So, don’t wait more to get convinced. Call today on +91 93755 58085 to discuss your requirement and get an awesome animation for your brand too.