Visuals have a lasting impact on our minds. A meticulously created video presents a perfect blend of alluring images and impressive audio that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the viewer.

An amazing video for a brand needs an equally amazing script. Music, visuals and voiceover definitely play a crucial role but the story needs to be on paper first.

In the modern era of internet, the ways of marketing too have evolved in a completely different style. Video Marketing is gaining prominence over other methods with every passing day for success of a business. The reason is not difficult to gauge – Video marketing has become an inseparable ingredient of a successful marketing strategy for any business. A perfectly created video helps your business to promote your brand and conveys your message to your target audience very clearly. It also helps to improve your relation dynamics with your clients and other stake holders of your business. Hence, for any animation video maker it becomes important to know about all those aspects that make up a great script to be able to grab the attention of your target audience and rule in their minds for a longer duration.

For this reason, there is a big responsibility at this stage of the video creation process for all type of video makers including animated explainer video maker, whiteboard video maker or live action video maker. For you, the best part is that you can create an awesome script easily if you follow the right steps. The following steps will be the guidelines to help you create a perfect script for your video:

  • Define Your Objectives

Any video maker needs to sketch out your objectives in order to create a functional framework. Before you start writing the script of your video, you will have to identify the crucial elements that will impact your story. This step will help your script to stick to your objectives.


1) Preliminary questions that need to be answered:


What is the reason to tell this story?

What is my take on the story?

Who are the target audience?

What is there to allure my target audience?

What is the value?

What would be the take away for my target audience?


Now, you need to do your home work right and compile a well structured list of the information that you want to cover and want in your video script. Once you have the structure ready, you can start building up a fine story on it.


2) Work on a great Narrative


Most of the brand videos lack the aura of a great story. You can smartly present one point after another, but it can be a great outline and not a great story. You must be very clear in your mind that your brand video needs to help you achieve an objective and it is possible only if you are able to engage your target audience.

If you are a whiteboard video maker or any explainer video maker, you will have to follow a slightly different approach. You will have to focus on building a narrative arc in your script that creates interest and helps to engage your audience.


Engage them right from the beginning


Get started on the right note with an emotional catch that can be introduced througha powerful story, different approach, attention-grabbing anecdote etc. The most important thing here is to endow your audience with a reason to care right from the start. You have to utilize the time and make the most impact in the shortest duration. Make the most out of it.


Concentrate on a single message


You need an outline for this purpose. It’s not a good idea to confuse your readers by bombarding them with many ideas. Focus on a single story and utilize every facet of the visuals to emphasize on it by using data, animation and imagery.


Right Context


You need to provide the right context especially in case of a complex idea or data.Mere data and statistics won’t work much in your favors these don’t go well with your audience.The viewers must get some context tounderstand the practical implications of thesedata sets. You simply cannot work on the assumption that they will understand everything. Formulate a well thought-out plan to educate your viewers about the right context of your video.


Build up


Viewers are interested in knowing about the story and they want to know where the story is heading towards. Your audience must feel connected and worth investing the time to watch your video.


3) Ensure a desirable “Call to Action”


It’s really difficult to write the perfect introduction for your video script but it does more damage to not be able to reach the objective of the perfect “call to action”. If you cannot summarize properly and feel unable to give the perfect ending, the whole exercise of script writing and all your efforts go in vain. As a video maker, you will end up having a diminished impact of your script.

A good ending is imperative for a good ‘Call to Action’. However, it never means that you just need to flash your URL and Logo as it looks a desperate effort directed towards pure sales. Make sure to give a perfect ending to your video so that your target audience walks away with the feeling that you have planned for them.

You will have to figure out what exactly you want them to do. Your objective can be anything:

  • Sharing the video

  • Subscribing to your newsletter

  • Signing up for a demo

  • Downloading a report

Make sure animation video maker company helps you build a narrative script keeping your defined objective in mind.


4) Keep your scissors ready


Once the first draft of your video script is ready, get ready with your scissors.

Keep your script as short and crisp as possible so as to make your narration more powerful. Using more number of words diminishes the overall effectiveness of your script. Always trust the stronger punch lines that are bold enough to become memorable. Make each and every sentence stand out.

Keep reading your script. Go through it several times and make sure to cut every single word that looks unwanted in the story. Keep your script crisp and omit long words. Always go for the simpler words and lucid language.

Keep a strict eye on any sort of irrelevant information. Remove everything that looks undesirable in the script. Relevance is an important factor to consider.

Last but certainly not the least; put your efforts to preserve what really counts in your video.


5) Rework on your script for Your Audience


Once you have your script in your hand, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and rethink. Review the story from your audience’s perspective. Everybody knows that a video is created to promote a brand and to sell a product or service but the real success of a video lies in conveying the desired message to the viewers. Your audience must feel connected to the video or else all the efforts will be futile.

Pause and think again. Review your script with the perspective of your audience. Ask the below mentioned questions from yourself:


Will your audience understand the concept?


Study your target audience well before planning a script. Make sure to maintain the level of knowledge that your target audience has. As an explainer video maker, take extra care to be able to address your audience properly so that they are in line with you.


Do they find it to be relevant?


Relevance plays an important part. If your audience finds your subject to be interesting, half of the task is already done. In case they don’t find it to be interesting, you need to rework on your story telling skills and come up with the best tools that you have in your kitty. Try to connect an emotional bond with them as it surely goes a long way.


Are you using the suitable vocabulary?


There might be several words that are prevalent in your industry but your audience finds it difficult to grasp those. Make sure to go for the best words.


6) Set the Tone Right


Right tone is indispensable. It is something that sets everything right for you, provided you set it right. Right tone conveys the real emotions behind a story and it also communicates about you. The tone must be able to convey the message and feeling that you want your audience to receive.

There is no ‘Rule of Thumb’ to get it right. You will have to work on it keeping your brand in mind. If we study the trends of Viral Videos, we find that most of the videos are “funny” or “quirky”. Humour is subjective and you will have to ensure that the jokes are effective and they are taken in the same spirit that was expected by you at the time of its creation.

The message from your brand reaches instantly and more effectively to your audience if the humor is well-executed. But, even a slight failure at executing humor can go against you; it may end up leaving a big dent on your credibility, and the strength of your products or services.


Be extra careful!

7) Read it out loud


It’s not necessary that all the scripts are going to have dialogues. Some scripts may have only texts. In case there are any words in your script that will be spoken, take extra care to read them aloud. Few words look good when you read those but the very same words don’t look good if you hear them.

You must know how the voiceover sounds. Mere reading of the script is not enough; you should record the dialogue and listen it back to understand how it sounds. If you read the script at one go, there are chances that you will come across something that’s not required. Keep rewriting the script till the time you are able to read it smoothly.

Check the voiceover read time of your script. Here’s one of the quick link for your reference:


8) Ask for Feedback


As an Animation video maker it’s always better to ask for feedback from various sources like friends, colleagues, family members or even a target audience, if possible. The reason for it is very simple. There are always possibilities of errors being pointed out and then eliminated after several persons reading the script. More eyes mean more views and more views will definitely help you augment the script.

Always ask for the hones feedback in order to make your script look perfect.


An awesome story makes you win 


You need to be an awesome story teller, but for it the first requirement is to have an awesome story that can strike the right chord with your target audience. A fine story helps you tap into the past ideas, memories and emotions. Stories are definitely compelling, motivating, engaging, memorable and entertaining. Everyone loves to pay for entertainment. If you want to sell an idea, create a wonderful story around it. The most difficult part about using a story for your brand is creating it. Make it a habit to keep searching for good stories to use and write them down so as to use those in future. Most of the good stories are collected and discovered rather than being written from the scratch.

So, now you know it all that’s required to create a fine script. Now you have your Guide to Writing an impressive script. Aim at the optimum utilization of this guide for creating a wonderful video script that helps you maximize the sales and boost your brand.

If you want to write a great video script, you need to write a lot of them as practice make one perfect. A strong script helps your production team get more creative and this ultimately helps you in creating a masterpiece.

Creation of a video requires a lot of effort and strategic planning. If you seek help for creating videos, make sure to choose the right creative video maker partner. Do your home work well before writing the script for your video and never settle for anything that is not the best.

Start scribbling to write the most amazing script!