Videos have become the new statement for online marketing and sales. Interactive videos have slowly but steadily occupied a significant place in the industry and they are the most sought after thing these days.

Marketing experts predicted in 2017 itself that Interactive video content will account for most of the consumer traffic online and it was true as well because it was experienced by the companies too.

In 2017 video based marketing gained momentum and it was used by most of the companies to reach their target audience. Most of the companies ranging from Startups to large corporations preferred videos for reaching their target audience owing to the effects brought about by videos.

The first quarter of 2018 too saw an encouraging trend for interactive videos. The reason for this might be the methodologies and latest technologies being used for accommodating more creativity and interactivity while creating such videos. If you intend to create and nurture an online brand, you must consider interactive videos as this is going to be the future of online marketing.

Interactive videos can be exclusively created to achieve specific target. The target can be about crating awareness about the most demanding issues of the world or even creating curiosity about a new product of any brand. This captures the attention of the viewers and also adds a human touch to the videos. Interactive videos can be compared to the classrooms that provide hands-on experience.

In the recent years, videos have gained momentum and significance when it comes to connecting with the right type of audience for varied reasons and purposes. According to a survey from Content Marketing Institute, more than 60 % marketers opined that videos brought better results for their brands in the year 2016.

In modern times, one of the prime objectives for communications in business is to increase engagement by improving user experience. Companies must ensure to present essential information in such a way that it can be easily accessed from all platforms that personalize interactions. Gone are the days when anything was alright. These days people don’t just watch, read or listen to videos rather get engrossed in the videos and respond better if these capture their attention.

Let’s know about interactive videos

The meaning is clear with the name itself. An interactive video is one the user or the audience interacts with. Interactive videos are not limited to just the options of play, pause and stop options, rather a viewer can actively interact with the video. Such videos endow the users with a plethora of paths with which to navigate it.

Let’s know about the benefits of interactive videos


Interactive videos are much more effective than the regular simple videos. Any marketing company or team can feel this aspect very clearly.

Interactive videos are gaining popularity these days owing to several benefits that include:



One of the most important benefits of a video is its efficiency. A video can save a lot of time by compressing a lot of information that is otherwise spread across text posts, brochures and sales discussions. All this information is stored in a video that expresses everything just in 5 minutes. This ends up in the lesser efforts, lesser resources and thereby lesser costs from the company for each and every marketing campaign. Hence we get better results in a shorter time span. Users are involved in interactive videos and so they can control the information that they want to discover. And, so there is absolutely no need to pack everything in a small traditional explainer video.


Increase landing page conversion

Videos are more effective than the normal text posts. A video can be like a sales pitch that includes a brief company background, information about product, relevant data, product features and customer’s feedback too. Isn’t it great to be able to include all this in a simple 2 minute video?

The landing pages that contain videos come across more conversion rates. The reason for this is obvious. Videos are much more interesting than the regular texts or static images. But, these days videos too have become very common and in such a scenario the simpler and traditional ones are proving to be passive. Whereas, interactive videos attract more visitors as these invite them to be a part of the video. Such videos need your complete attention and also provide the viewer with the chance to take control of the information consumed by them.

Videos look more concrete if they answer the questions of a viewer. In modern times people prefer to save time and in such a scenario people tend to end up buying a product or service if they don’t have to dig much in the website to know about the vita information that they are looking for.


Integration of gamification

Gamification is a process that uses the elements of gameplay to make the tasks fun. Interactive videos give the scope to incorporate gamification in order to create an engaging experience for users. Due to inclusion of game elements, the users will be tempted to stay and finish the video.


Flexibility that enables them to be accessed across devices

All marketing contents including videos are created with the purpose of being accessible and available to the target audience and this is possible only when these are accessible through all sorts of devices. Videos can be easily accessed and shared using various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. This removes the possibility of logistical issues faced by print media. In order to become viral, a video just needs a few clicks; this is not possible for a text post.


Provide useful data to track

Traditional videos allow tracking only the usual things like watch time, number of views, etc. whereas interactive videos provide useful data. These videos track each and every decision taken by viewers; you get an opportunity to come up with better answers to all their queries. Click-through rates, navigation, dwell-time, re-watched sections and engagement can be tracked through these videos. This kind of data can be used for case studies that can contribute to the Research and Development department of companies.

The time has come to opt for the best option i.e. interactive video and boost the efforts towards online marketing and sales. Let’s get started!