It includes a lot of efforts to make a video for your business. If you are keen and you have decided to get the video created for your business, the next question could be ‘what type of Video’?

As a business owner, just do not get carried away with the word VIDEO, rather understand the types of videos and the best suitable format of videos for your business. You should ask yourself the objective of video creation for your business. A few of the objectives of creating a video can be

  • To create a company profile and let people see it to know your business better.
  • To lure the visitors of video to take action like buying the products or services.
  • To divert the video traffic to the website for additional information and let them share on social media platforms for better engagement.
  • To have a video explaining product demo, installation guide, quick service tips, etc.

Once you are through with many such questions in your mind, you can be able to finalize on the best video format for your business. You can also know the best way to promote that as well on the best platforms. You will have to ensure that you are making right investment in both creating and promoting the video for your business.

Videos are widely used today in the content marketing strategies by most of the brands. This helps in the higher conversions of leads. Video content can be well used in the entire marketing and branding campaign to convert your campaign visitors into actual buyers. A video can be a best fit in marketing campaigns, provided your video includes:

  • Content that fits easily into wider content strategy
  • All types of content should be aligned with the brand guidelines and overall tone
  • Sharable content that can be easily shared among the users

Identifying the best type of video out of the range of videos:

Branding Videos

As the name suggests, Branding Video is created with the perspective of leaving the brand impression behind once the video is watched by the audience. It is should give great recall of the said product brand once someone thinks of that category of the product. E.g. most of the people take the name of BISLERI when it comes to Mineral Water.

Branding videos are created to make the impact on the people, make them familiar with the product and leave emotional touch between the audience and the brand. This helps brands to focus on the goal of the video and have a reach or achieve that they aspire too. Usually such branding videos are not that loud and don’t really promote the product directly. It is indirect way to display or promote the product with some kind of message to the audience. Example: Real Estate developers like to inculcate the Feeling or Richness in buying a house by the audience rather than promoting that they are selling the house.

Branding Videos are mostly used on the Social channels, main stream channels, Micro Sites, etc through which branding and traffic can be driven.

Company Overview Videos

Company Overview Videos are usually direct message videos unlike branding videos. Companies use this type of video to promote their services, products, solutions and also talk about the history and clientele of the companies. There is a clear and open message to the audience about the objective behind the video. Companies can also use such types of videos for internal objectives too like video for a specific department, type of manpower, some important initiative, etc. There can be various types of such small or big videos either targeting the specific group or the entire company. Companies use such videos for internal communications as well e.g. annual corporate videos, report videos, etc.

Company Overview Videos are used on the corporate website and its affiliated websites. The video on homepage has proven to be goon in terms of visitor conversion. It is widely used for the engagement purpose of the visitor. It is also used by companies to pass key message and information to the visitors in very less time possible.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used for highlighting products and services in the most efficient manner. The objectives of such videos include marketing, branding and ultimately driving sales out of the same. It can be done for promoting the services, products, solutions or any other such things with the defined call to action. These videos are followed by strong call to actions like let the user fill Inquiry Form, Survey form, Newsletter form, etc.  The purposes of such videos are very clear and objectives are well defined.

Training Videos

Corporates use training videos to train the newly joined employees. It is also used by the product companies to explain the product features, benefits, specification, help videos, etc. Video is the most powerful means to create a training video. Creating Videos for training can ensure appropriate quality and message since the content is fix for all the staff. This also helps to keep everyone with the same pace and information for consistency. This one-time expense can provide you with the lifetime trainer for the training purpose.

Videos created in any format can go viral depending on the message they can give to the audience. Audience watching your video should feel to share it and hence it should convey the message in a more simple way. There is no set rule to make the video viral, it all depends on the like and dislike of audiance. The best Video Creation Company can guarantee you the best output in terms of picture quality, voice quality, right intonation, etc. for your video.

Videos can be a part of your marketing and branding strategy. You can use multiple times or can use different videos in a single content flow to be more effective. You need to find the best Video Production Company to create most engaging video for your brand. The time has come to make your presence felt with an awesome video.