Aren’t we seeing too much of videos on the web and social platforms?


Yes! It is just because brands are just creating multiple videos and utilizinganimated explainer videos in their marketing and branding strategy. Animatedexplainer videos are considered as one of the most effective ways for any businessto get promoted today. Big brands, SME, and Startups all types of businesses arelooking to create the animated explainer videos at their own respective levels. It isjust that you can expect similar output and performance from the video made by allthese 3 categories. The reason behind this can have multiple factors like agencycreating the video, creative team, script, the right brief from the brand, etc.


Most of the Brands find it difficult to wrap up their animated explainer videos inthe span of 1 or 2 minutes because they feel including everything in the video isbetter for the brand. This is not right always, better could be creating small videosof 1 minute around as these can help a lot. The audience may get the clear message that the brands wish to convey. It is not an easy task to create a 1-minute video andinclude everything that the client may be asking for, but there are ways to stillinclude most of the things and still, the video will not look like over-stuffed. Agreat animated explainer video is not that easy to create, it’s a team’s joint effort ofthe right scriptwriter, animator, editor, voice artists keeping factors like targetaudience, time duration, objective, story and character of the video in mind.


Nowadays startups are creating more videos and using these in their marketingcampaigns. Brand awareness and Customer On-boarding becomes easy with theright animated explainer videos. Startups create more and more content around thevideo and reuse it smartly with the help of another form of content. This can alsohelp in reducing the cost of marketing in the long run.


If you are the company really keen to have an animated explainer video, it is timeto understand what will help you get the best video for your brand. You shouldunderstand the responses to the below mentioned 10 questions before asking theteam to create the video for your brand:


How you wish to use the video?


Usually, people think that Animated Explainer Videos are only used on thehomepage of the website but it is not fully right. It can be used in various ways aswell like landing pages, social media handles (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,Instagram etc), training, Email blasts, Whatsapp campaigns, presentations, salespitches, etc.  The video is created on the basis of its usages like for presentation orpitch it can be short and to-the- point, more visuals, and louder scripts, etc. If youwish to use the same for social media, something without voice can work as well.

So, it largely depends on the platform you wish to use this video on.


Define the objective of your video


The objective to have a video can be really anything from driving more traffic,increasing conversions, signups of forms, educating the masses, or to have muchmore engagement with some nice business benefit or social message. You need tofilter any one objective for creating your next video to have effective impact on the

audience. Your explainer video should not sound boring to the audience. At timesit may be the case that the audience feels to have lesser interest in watching suchtechnical videos so the better would be to have the video around the benefitstatements. The team creating the video should be clear of the objective so thatthey can determine the right message with the script, use proper voice and tone tokeep the story and the length appropriate for the audience.


What should be the Length of the Video?


It depends on the purpose of the video and on which platform it is going to be usedthe most. Research says that the animated explainer videos can be anythingbetween 15 seconds to 1 minute. It is better to be more precise in your video andstart it with the USP pointers if it is to be used for the sales of the product. Longervideos are useful for corporate shoot videos wherein you have to show variousaspects of the business. You need to keep in mind that the shorter and bettermessage to the audience, better would be the shareability of the video.


Highlight your USP for the challenges consumer is facing in the industry


Key pointers should be ready to be included in the video for selling your products.You need to highlight if there is any new launch, usage of the product, benefit fromthe product, positioning of your product as against the competitor, etc.


You should be able to showcase the benefit or ease the user may have after usingyour product. You should be able to collect the pointers either from your salesteam or running some campaigns or poll through the same set of audience. Youshould collate all the responses, understand the message clearly and move aheadwith the majority.


What is your target audience?


You should identify the target audience for your brand at the initial stage. This isthe utmost important aspect in your entire journey of creating a video. Your videocan be created as per the audience you wish to target. It can be for B2B, B2C, orB2B2C and in the similar way the script and video tone can differ to have the rightimpact on the potential clients for your business. You should keep the decisionmakers in mind beforehand. You should also try to understand with some researchabout their likes, dislikes, choice, and other such things. Buyers persona is veryimportant i.e. same video cannot be always targeted to a housewife and workingwomen.


Make pointers with the type of animation and character to be used


Your animated explainer video should be able to have right animation at places anduse perfect characters to express the right messages. It is always better if the branditself knows the purpose and element of the video as it saves a lot of time at boththe sides. It is going to be the first impression of your brand, so put your valuable time in defining and designing the same. CorpTeaser team can be of great helpwith REQUIREMENT GATHERING FORM and one to one clientconsultation. It is the team effort that can bring out great videos for you with some great animations.


Define Proper Call To Action


You should clearly define the final call to action of your video. Keep the flow ofthe video such that the audience is driven or forced to the final call to action. Yourcampaign ‘final call to action’ can be anything like visiting the website, filling theform, Call a Number, etc. It is good to create a video with the perspective of theengagement but it should also have clear end to it. The right message can certainlyincrease the conversion rates and improvise the ROI.


Animation Video Explainer is certainly not easy to make but if you follow the rightpath you will achieve the best one for your brand. You should have a proper scriptto have a great video. You should choose right team to deliver the desired output interms of the video.


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