Quality Policy - CorpTeaser

Quality Policy

We at CorpTeaser want to serve our customer to best of our capability however satisfaction and thrust for quality are subjective terms and not necessarily everyone has same view on above prospective for any single video creation. This is a precise reason need aroused for clarifying our quality policy.

We will interpret and invest our best time to understand your content, script from our experience, your website content and supportive information provided to us and create an animation to justify the content in most simple and accurate possible way to your target audience in a style identified by you from our website.

We will use our standard animation tools for video creation and used color palate as per your reference content or otherwise specified to us to ensure video appear as family of your other promotional collateral.

It will be in best interest of our customer to visit our website (www.corpteaser.com) and checkout overall impact of video created by our animator team to ensure our quality standard. In case if you are not able to identify the style of videos to your expectation, you may send your preferred video link. However there is no guarantee we can imitate similar quality/style. You can take decision only feedback of our animation team to your suggested 3rd party video since we can only attempt to understand your view point but representation will surely differ as all animation tools have their own gamut of expression and constraints.

If your presentation is about solution or technology, after releasing our first beta preview, it may likely that you find that our animation team has not understood your need in right perspective. In this case, you can give detail clarification about what changes in video can make acceptable video for you; however under any circumstance you cannot cancel the order or refund the payment at this stage.

We presume that you place order to us in understanding and acknowledging above clarification.