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Benefits of cinema advertising

Better Engagement

Big screen advertising with high quality sound system really grabs the attention of viewers better than any other media, which is why cinema advertising is one of the best media for the brand promotion.

Better ROI

Cost of cinema ads are really competitive in compare to other media and at the same time the impact of the advertisement on its viewers is great which really becomes a mix where it produce the great return on investment(ROI) to the advertisers in compare to various other medias.

Better Impact

Impact is very important when you want to create a space of your brand in viewers minds and hearts. And when it comes to impact, cinema is one of the leading media platform available for the marketers.

Popular theater chains where we release ads

Our process of releasing ads


Creative Production

Ad Releasing

Inspection & Quality Check

Why to release ad with CorpTeaser

  • Selection of wide range of screens
  • Wide network of film distributors and agencies
  • Professional advertising planning and consultancy
  • In house ad production and creative team
  • 20+ languages support
  • Low cost entry support
  • Credentials of over 3500 successful projects
  • Professional execution team
  • Structured pricing and discounting options

On screen and off screen advertising options

On Screen Advertising

On screen advertising is one of a classical advertising form where you can run your ad on cinema screen in the interval time or before the movie begins. We run all different type of on screen campaigns such as mute slide ad, slide with voiceover ad and video commercials.

Off Screen Advertising

Off screen advertising is a modern approach towards cinema advertising where the theater property is been utilized to promote the brand which covers the activities such as standee, leaflet distribution, product display, translite posters, floor stickers, seat cover branding, weekend promotions activities, audi door, washroom branding, side panels, pillars, lobby LCD, tent cards, product sampling, danglers and lot more…

Cinema advertisement facts

India to be the third largest cinema market in the world by 2021
global entertainment and media outlook report
In 2012, adults 25-34 saw the most movies at the cinema (7.5 movies on average.)
Going To The Movies Is The Most Popular
“Anyway From Home” Entertainment
(source:GfKMRI 2017 Doublebase)
Sale lift when combining cinema with tv
(Brand Science 2013)

Type of on screen advertising

Mute Slide

We can run the single or multiple image slide ads to promote your brand on cinema screen.

Audio Slide

One or multiple slides with professional voiceover and background music could be run in this type of ad format.

Video Commercial

Animation or live action video full of multimedia elements could be one type of advertisement which we can run. Sensor certificate is required to run the video commercial on movie screen.
Get in touch with our friendliest professional to get a best deal for your campaign!

How the price calculation works

Where you want to advertise is a first factor when it comes to pricing – property type, number of seats, brand, number of screens, and location of the property and ticket size are the factors when it comes to advertising pricing.
The type of ad which you want to run is another deciding factor of costing, whether you want to run a mute slide, voiceover slide, motion graphics or a video commercial determines the costing. For video commercials the additional censor certification charges are applied and for some screens additional projector format file conversion charges are also applicable.
Apart from above when you want to advertise, your duration of campaign and a duration of ad creative is also very important. The charges very during the festival time and during the releases or block buster and mega block buster movies for most of the cinema chains.

About the cinema advertising in India

India is one of the largest film producer countries since last few years and over a thousand movies are getting released every year to serve to this market. People of India go to cinemas for entertainment purpose – in year 2016, 2.2 billion movie tickets were sold and this figure is improving at the compounding rate of 11% which certainly proves that it’s one of top most out of home entertainment destination for the people of the county. These facts create a great opportunity for marketers to utilize this platform to showcase their brands and products.

Campaign execution timings

Conventionally every new campaign begins on Friday in cinemas but after the arrival of satellite based technology many chains and distributors has adopted an approach of starting a campaign from any day of the week. The campaign timings are usually in multiplication of weeks (i.e. 1 week, 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks etc.). Some cinema halls also allow running special campaigns of a day or two. Availability of inventory is another deciding factor when an advertiser wants to book the slots for his campaign.

Censor certification for advertising on screen

To run a video commercial on cinema screen, censor certification of ad film from central board of film certification (CBFC) is mandatory. We can consult you in line of getting through this certification process. Certification charges are extra applicable for which you can apply on CBFC website or you can outsource this job to an agency on behalf of you. For your information, same video budded in different languages or of different duration will require different certification for each cut from your ad film.

CorpTeaser – Your ad production to promotion agency

We have native competency of producing your ad film in all different formats such as slide ads, animation film and live action video. On top of it we have a network of nationwide film distributors, agency partners and theater owners to successfully release your advertisement in over 7000 screens across the country in India.

File format specification for video commercial

Cinema Chain
PVR, lnox, Cinepolis, Prasadz lmax,Carnival Cinemas, Asian Cinemas and most multiplexes
UFO Cinema Screens
Note: The file format may vary then above mentioned specification. Please ask to our executive prior processing the order.

File conversion to J2K format

J2K is file type format which is a mandatory requirement to run your ad on many of the film projectors. This conversion is been done by third party agency at additional cost. No matter the type of ad you want to run if projector only supports J2K, we will have to convert our files once to this format. Once you have your creative converted to this format, you can utilize it as many times you need.

Terms & Conditions

  • GST and production cost will be extra applicable
  • 100% advance payment is required to execute the campaign
  • Censor certificate is mandatory to run video commercials. The process of getting the certificate can take from 7-10 days of time
  • Conversion cost of J2K or any other format will be extra chargeable and it will require 2-3 days of time for conversion
  • Your ad will run on all shows of the screens which you booked for the decided time frame. In case of any cancellation of show from cinema management, we will not be responsible for the same.
  • Movies screen wise schedule could be changed by the theater management in case of any technical failures
  • Inspection passes may or may not be provided to client based on the selection of property
  • Spot rates are in the multiplication of 10
  • In some cinema’s slide ads will be played only in interval or before the movie begins
  • Any additional shows per screen is subject to availability and will be charged on actual
  • Movie and position premium will be charged as per the mega block buster & Block buster premium policy of film distributor
  • Movie categorization for regional movies and untitled movies will be informed during the year