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Video Produced

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Countries Served

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Videos Deliveries Every Month



About Us

Looking for the high-end professional video maker company from India? Worry no more as CorpTeaser Animation and Films comes to your rescue. We have the reputation on providing high-quality videos that can boost revenues, Return on Investment (ROI), and sales in your business. With our in-depth knowledge and wide expertise, we can provide services that can go beyond your criteria as well as industry standards.

Since our operations in 2014, we have been making business communication simpler and more effective. From using 2D character animation, spoke persons, whiteboard animation to stock footages, we can create business explainer videos that cannot only capture attention but also tickle people’s interest. Engaging in the business world, you will be a few miles away from your competitors with our more innovative and comprehensive services.

Major Achievements

Serving our clients for a few years, we are able to achieve more wonderful outcomes in the industry. It is because of our flexible staffs and highly advanced technology. Below are some of our major accomplishments since 2014.

  • 3000+ Videos
  • 60+ Countries Served
  • 100+ Videos Delivering
  • 1000+ Clients
  • 50+ In-house Dedicated Resources
  • 50+ Associated Artists
  • 25+ Regional & International Languages

Parent Company

As a business, CorpTeaser Animation & Films ventures by Horus Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. It started since over 25 years of operation by the technology-oriented company in India. This is why, a broad range of industries or service providers trust and depend on us. Be one of our valuable clients today and be ready to make a difference in your entire company.

  • High Quality Videos – Since day one, we are passionate to offer videos that are of spectacular quality. With our team of expert specialists, we always reach the diverse and specific needs of our potential clients.
  • Transparent Price – When your options provide expensive services, CorpTeaser has ideal and affordable solutions for you. Even though we have cost-effective services, we do not compromise on quality as it is what makes us dependable and trustworthy among our customers.
  • Quick Response – At your first call, you will be accommodated. We have friendly, versatile, and flexible staffs who will guide you all throughout your journey. We have a quick response as we truly understand your requirements.
  • Faster Turnaround Time – Unlike other similar companies in India, we have a quicker turnaround time. When you have been looking for that since a few days ago, CorpTeaser is here to serve you.
  • Versatile Skill Set – Our skill set is versatile that can give you a sense of satisfaction as well as happiness.
  • Utilization of Latest Tools and Technology – Since there is no permanent in this world but change, we have transformed our technology into more innovative and state-of-the-art ones. Whatever your criteria are, we are confident to meet them.

At CorpTeaser, we provide an array of services that any business can take advantage of. They are one of the keys to making you successful in your chosen profession. When working with an inefficient and unreliable company, we are an extraordinary option for you. CALL US TODAY for more information and be ready to witness our commitment to excellence.

What We Do

Explainer Videos

Explainer Video
We make explainer style videos in various different styles ranging from animated explainer videos to whiteboard to live action videos. Explainer type videos are one of the most engaging content over internet these days.

Corporate Films

Corporate Films
We provide complete end to end solution for making a corporate film. Our team of business side combined with creative artist delivers unimaginable results with very quick turnaround time. We have all native skills and expertise of making any type of corporate films.

Ad Films

Ad Films
We also provide concept based quick ad film service for local to national TV ads, cinema ads etc. We do ads in different languages in various styles as well.

Our Team

Leena Sanghavi
Kush Kalwani
Karan Baisane
Sr. Animator
Dhaval Devani
Marketing Manager
Editor & VFX Artist
Sonal Aahir
Vinay Mulchandani
Graphics Artist
Harsha Solanki
Office Admin
Nikesh Seth
Accounting Officer

Why CorpTeaser

  • High Quality Videos
  • Transparent Price
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Quick Response
  • 20 + Languages Support
  • Complete Solution
  • Experience of over 3000 Projects
  • Versatile Skill set
  • 98% Success Ratio
  • 100 + Industries Worked With
  • Passionate & Committed Team
  • Use of Latest Tools & Technology
  • Well Designed & Mature ProductionProcess
  • Global Artist Network
  • Various Industry Experience