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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Production Duration: Within 15 working days from the date of script finalization, final copy depends upon extent of correction suggested.

Payment: 50% advance, and 50% at the time of beta preview

Refund Policy: Non refundable

Final Deliverable: HD quality MP4 format video. The video will contain a tag-line which will get removed only after the accounts are settled.

Raw Files & Source Files: We don’t share any kind of raw files or project source files as we are using a cloud based technology which doesn’t support raw file extraction.

Credits: A subtle CorpTeaser logo placement at the end of the video will persist to indicate the production credit.

Duration: Standard of 150 words to be used per 60 seconds duration. Variations can be considered as 75 words for every 30 seconds.

Voice over: This quotation does not offer voice over changes. Voice over modification is applied only if the artist skips any word from the script. The client may find difference in the pronunciations of non English words while choosing the international voice over artists.

Pronunciation: The client has to provide pronunciations of non-English words and specific words if a typical pronunciation is required.

Font: We cannot import any fonts from outside the tool and thus we will use the provided fonts by the tool in the video.

Cancellation Policy: We can remove the video from the server if we do not hear back anything from the client for more than 2 weeks of time. And the order will be considered as closed.

Taxes: If not included in quotation then 15% extra

Validity of these commercials: 10 days from the Quotation Date


Corporate Film

Shoot Schedule: One the shoot schedule is finalized and approved it can’t be changed.

Shoot Session: We will do the shooting for 1 session (6-7 Hours) on the same day for this film, for any reasons, if a client want another session of shoot, it will be chargeable extra.

Spokesperson Video

Spokesperson Voice: This quotation does not offer spokesperson re-shoot. The client may find difference in the pronunciations of non-English words while choosing the international artists.

Logo Animation

Payment: 100% advance