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Our Portfolio

Our creations in 15 different styles has impressed a clientele coming from more than 50 countries worldwide and spanning across all sizes from SMEs to Multinational.

A corporate film production of Indusa done by team CorpTeaser.

WebDataGuru- Pricing Intelligance Service

WebDataGuru used the spokesperson video for explain their pricing intelligence service.
Ravi Plastic

A corporate film production of Ravi Plastic done by team CorpTeaser.


Your favorite food app is just a tap away; we made a video just as they say.


The team at LetsApp conveys they are waiting for one bright idea and will give away $1000 to the winning entry.


Thirdware used to show the spokesperson video for detailed information.

A short walkthrough of IGBS shoot by team CorpTeaser.


All financial solutions rolled into MobiFin, Panamax briefly explained through our video.

A modern solution to an age-old problem
Motivational Steps

An animation technique of mixing motion & text to express ideas


Vidyalankar is a prestigious institution, combination of whiteboard and testimonial shows everything they do.


DocOPD is a one stop shop for all medical treatment; CorpTeaser is one such place for all video requirements.

OC Designer Flash

An e-commerce platform that is best explained by a professional.

Anmol Ruturaj Club Adventure Park

Anmol Ruturaj Club has over 16 adventure theme activities; we made their promo for social media campaign.

Aadi Water Pot

A video can also be beneficial to a product like water dispenser.
Trinus VR

Experience the Virtual Reality by using Trinus VR, amazingly conveyed in Motion Graphic style video.

Miracle Mix
FB ad summit
Bally Lake Country


An exclusive range of printing products by SPM contributes their share to make in India.

Anmol Ruturaj Club

Anmol Ruturaj Club allows their guest to have a look before visiting with the help of our video.

Planet Education

Planet Education paves your way into success. We help display how they do it.


Redhat is not all Linux; we helped them with a video to explain that.

Design N Buy

A centralized platform for all your printing needs acknowledged by this video.

International Indian Icon

Our stock motion style of video helped 3iii to influence worldwide.

Prism IT solutions

A motion graphics video of 5 star certified tally partner

The Beer Cafe

Humor while people are high? CorpTeaser just gives everything a try


Even the fitness trainers could avail advantages of an app, see this video to know all.

Words Worth

An effective English language learning solution which is well explained in a video.

Castrol Royal

A 3 min video teaser extracted from a 3 hour live shoot by our video editing services.

All in One Designer

They manage and control steps of print & design business, also use our services to let the audience know how.


Every discovery needs a platform; LeanGears discovery needed white boarding to explain this.

Woo Designer Flash

An out of the box web to print solution explained in this video.

Siddharth Printing

An exclusive range of printing products by SPM contributes their share to make

Apollo Noni

Noni juice is good for health, but the benefits could be well explained by using a video.


Looking to sell or buy used machinery? Vendaxo tells this in the video here.
Yumchek Akshay Patra

Yumchek help millions of people by providing free meals and they make people aware by showing in a video.


Why meet your clients with just a presentation, why not make a video that better says it all.


D’Free explains how to use their new herbal hair saver oil using a whiteboard video from us.
Amaya Residencies


The RestroApp facilitates the users with a lot of things. What they are, we tell them through app video.

Ameyash Healthcare

Smart people choose Ameyash Healthcare app, this smart app chose CorpTeaser.
Water Expo

An open invitation to a water expo through a video

My Fashion Factory

A website to ease the business, a video to demonstrate the website.


Surgical instruments could be bought online too, Medtronic explained well through our video.

Way to shave

This is not a product, but a club, and they wanted to convey this through our video.


Here’s how Gopani explained their products using a story telling in whiteboard style.